Wind Tower Seminar
Wind Tower Seminar

Date: 2014.11.12~13
Time: 11/12 8:30~ 11/13 16:30
Place: The Lincoln Electric Zhengzhou - No.60, South Dengfeng Road, Shang Jie District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province 

This is only a two day seminar we will have two different demo times with rotations as follows:

First Set of Rotations – 20mins. Each  

  • Demo 1: Single V joint Single arc welding w/ JW-1 (H10Mn2) & SJ-101à Fly He / TBD
  • Demo 2: Tiny Twin Arc Welding with JW-1 (EH14) & JF-B Flux à Andy He / Neal Huang
  • Demo 3: Double V Joint Tandem Arc welding w/ JW-1(EH14) & SJ-101G à Bill Liao / Chris Ma
  • Demo 4: LW-71Plus-H Demo à Zhao Jun
Second Set of Rotations – 20mins. Each

  • Demo 5: Circumferential Welding Demo à Andy He / Chris Ma
  • Demo 6: Waveform Control Productivity with JW-1 (EH14) & JF-B Flux à Zhao Jun / Neal Huang
  • Demo 7: Two-Run Tandem on 16mm plate with L-61 and WTX Flux à Bill Liao / Fly He
    Demo 8: Triple Arc Welding for High Productivity w/ JW-1 (EH-14) & SJ-101G à Bill Liao / Fly He

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