2013 International Basic Distributor Training

You will learn:
 The science and art of arc welding
 Safe welding and cutting practices
 Main arc welding processes (SMAW/GMAW including flux cored wires/GTAW/SAW single and multiple pass)
 New technologies including:
     – Waveform Control Technology®, Digital Communications, Inverters and Choppers, Power Electronics Technology
 New processes including:
     – Rapid X™, Rapid Arc®, Precision Pulse, Pulse-on Pulse®, STT®, AC/DC SAW, Power Mode®, and Total s2f®
 New generation energy efficient power sources
 New consumables for structural, power generation, pipe and nuclear industry
 Hardfacing – special alloy, maintenance and repair
 Plasma arc cutting process and new plasma cutting systems (Torchmate®)
 Robotic welding systems and hard automation
 Cost Reduction Ideas
 Value Added Selling – How to maximize your sales
 New training solutions – Be one of the first to experience Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® 360 and
     VRTEX® Mobile Virtual Reality Welding Training Systems.