PRO-111 | Heavy Duty Mag Drill
PRO-111 is the newest heavy duty drill with Morse Taper No. 4. It is designed for cutting holes up to 111mm (4-3/8″) diameter or drilling holes up to 47mm (1-7/8″) diameter. It is equipped with 4-speed mechanical gear box and motor overload protection system with LED indicator.
Superior features of PRO 111 Heavy duty drilling machine
  • purpose designed motor with heavy duty 4-speed gearbox
  • maintenance friendly design
  • gear box and slide system made as one piece
  • maintenance friendly rail guide system

Unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system (patent pending) enables simple, fast and always correct fine tuning without any expert knowledge or experience. Replaceable spline at the end of armature shaft eliminates laborious and expensive armature maintenance. Compact design allows for drilling very close to vertical surface.

PRO 111 is equipped with electromagnetic base featuring magnetic field shape control system (MFSC) and magnetic power adhesion control module (MPAC), which detects adhesive force of electromagnetic base and protects both the machine and the operator from work on too thin workpieces. Standard shipping set of PRO 111 includes MT4 Arbor with 19 mm (3/4”) Weldon Bore which accepts cutters up to 60 mm diameter. Optional MT4 Arbor with 32 mm (1-1/4”) Weldon Bore for cutters of larger diameter is available.

  Product Specifications
Motor Speeds (under load) 85/135/160/250 rpm
Motor Power 1650 W
Weight 31 kg (66 lbs 14 oz)
Max milling capacity Ø 111 mm (4-3/8”)
Max drilling capacity Ø 47 mm (1-7/8”)
Max countersinking Ø 63 mm (2-1/2”)
Max tap size M30 (tapping attachment required)
Stroke 230 mm (9-1/16”)
Max depth of cut 76 mm (3”)
1~ 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz
1~ 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Power consumption 1800 W
Overload protection yes
Overload LED indicator yes
Semi-automaticgibadjustment yes
MPAC yes
MFSC yes
Magnetic clamping force 2243 kG (22000 N) /25 mm, Ra=1,25/
Magnet Base Dimensions
120 x 240 x 63 (mm)
4-5/16 x 8-11/16 x 2-3/16 (“)
Min. Workpiece Thickness 10 mm (3/8”)
Spindle MT4
Tool holder 19 mm (3/4”) or 32 mm (1-1/4”) Weldon
Product Code 220–240 V, 50–60 Hz WRT-0401-10-20-00-0
Product Code 110–120 V, 50–60 Hz WRT-0401-10-10-00-0