VRTEX 360® Virtual Welding Trainer
Vrtex 360 
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The Revolution in Welding
Training is Here...
The VRTEX 360 is a virtual reality arc welding
trainer. This computer based training system is an
educational tool designed to allow students to
practice their welding technique in a simulated
environment. It promotes the efficient transfer of
welding skills to the welding booth while reducing
material waste associated with traditional welding
training. The combination of realistic puddle
simulation and arc welding sound tied to the
welder's movement provides a realistic and
exciting, hands-on training experience.

  • Multiple welding processes.
  • Variety of joint configurations.
  • Multiple welding positions.
  • High tech welding training tool.
  • Magnatron technology.
  • ProFlo technology creates realistic puddle modeling.
Classroom Performance-Train Welders Faster
  • Visual cues give real-time technique feedback.
  • Advanced scoring system for student evaluation.
  • Instructor cam allows virtual weld inspection.
Eco Friendly
  • Turn your welding program green.
  • Track cost savings with the Weldometer.
Service and Support
  • Annual upgrade package (optional).
  • 24/7 phone support.