SUB Welding Equipment with Door-liked Trolley Type Double Cantilever Beam
SUB Welding Equipment equipped with electric welding machine which at left and right sides which, DC-1500 and AC-1200. Each of them equipped with independent controlling and guiding system which could operate for H typed submerged arc welding machine, and made of steel material.  It has good penetrability and beautiful weld bead; the equipment could accelerate welding quality and rate.


  1.  Applicable thickness: 16-80 mm.
  2.  Applicable material: soft steel and 50kg high tensile strength steel.
  3.  Weld bead shape: fillet weld.
  4.  Applicable length of weld bead: the longest 18mm.
  5.  Use USA-LINCOLN DC-AC to make welding system stably.
  6.  4 set of (350KGS) wire pad which could use in electric welding consistently

  Product Specifications
Basic Technology Parameter

1)  The Dimension of Processed Material
   The width of flange plate (a): 300mm-1500mm
 The height of web (b): 300mm-3000mm
   The length of section: 4000mm-18000mm
    The thickness of plate: 16-80mm
   The weight of section: Max. 15 Ton

 Operating Parameter
  Track gauge: 1500mm
  Track: 22kg/m
  Speed: 0-5500mm/min
        ●   Distance: 18m