Double Tandem Shield Arc Welding Column Gantry

Double Tandem Shield Arc Welding Column Gantry has DC600 CO2 shield arc welding at left and right sides and also has individual control and guide system which can complete the BOX-steel welding rapidly. It has good penetrability and beautiful weld bead; it is applicable to use backing weld.


Basic technology parameter:

  1. The dimension of processed material
  • The width of flange plate (a): 300mm~1500mm
  • The height of web (b): 300mm~1500mm
  • The length of section: 4000mm~15000mm
  • The weight of section: Max 30 Ton
  1. Operating parameter
  • Track gauge: 3000 mm
  • Speed: 0- 5500mm/min
  • Distance: 18000mm 
  1. Equipment structure

      Gantry part

  • Moving electric motor (DC motor 1 HP + reducer): Controlled by a single controller with two DC motors,which connected to reducer and the wheels transmission system directly, that makes the trolley bilateral synchronous transmission and run stably while welding. The design reduced unnecessary drive parts and it is easier to maintain.   
  • Lifting mechanism (Move left and right electric adjustable device 1/4 HP + AC lifting motor 1/2HP): The trolley cross beam has two box beam welding guidance, which use electric lifting and left and right electric moving. The welding gun with gravity pressure guiding device to make the welding gun can move vertical and horizontal along the weld bead. It also has fine adjustment function (±50MM) and angle fine adjustment. It is easier for operators welding.
  • Gantry control system: The transmission and welding function of trolley focus on one dashboard. Place the dashboard to the right side of trolley is easier to control by operators and the walking speed show with digital display.
  • Four wire trays: The Trolley can hold four 1000 LBS (450KGS) trays, provide continuous welding use and reduce the times to replace drums. (The welding materials provided by customer).
  • CO2 supply system
  • Trolley prepares CO2 supply system and pressure sortage tank.(Long Well's product)​
  1. Welding equipment

      Welder power

  • DC-600 Power unit DC-600 (USA-LINCOLN)

      Wire delivery: USA-LINCOLN

  • Machine type: LF-74 Base model
  • Device: K2426-4

      The twice electric welder lateral welder cable. (Taiwan)
      The electric welder earthed cable. (Taiwan)
      The twice electric welder lateral controlled cable and other pipes.  (Taiwan)