Gantry Portable Turnover System(25T)
Gantry Portable Turnover System(25T)
It can move to member's place and turnover the member, it also can move the member to next process stage.
First, the Gantry portable turnover machine can move to member's place, use motor to lift up the material and turn 90and 180. Then move to next member place and move the material to member place by using landing control stick. 

  Product Specifications
  1. Reversible dimension:
  • Width: 300mm~1200mm
  • Height: 300mm~1200mm
  • Length: 4000mm~15000mm
  1. Weight: Max 30 Ton
  1. Lifting speed: 2.5m/min
  1. Turning speed: 2.5m/min
  1. Transverse moving speed: 4m/min
  1. turnover machine moving speed: 5m/min
  1. Distance: 30m